Prof. Dr. Peter Kupfer 柯彼德
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Curriculum vitae and academic activities

1946 born in Munich, Germany. 1970-1979 studies at the University of Bonn in sinology as major with modern Chinese language (diploma 1974), general linguistics, Indonesian/Malayology (diploma 1972), and Japanology as minors. 1979 PhD (Dr. phil.). 1980-1998 lecturer at the Section of Chinese Studies of the School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FTSK) at the University of Mainz in Germersheim. 1990 habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in sinology. Since 1998 professor and head of the Chinese Section. 2001-2003 dean of the FTSK. Since 1979 several research activities in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, in Chinese linguistics and culture, development of training programs for translators and interpreters, frequent research and lecture tours to China, Japan, Singapore, organization of about 20 national and international conferences etc. 1983-2004 president, since 2004 vice-president of the Association of Chinese Language Teaching in German Speaking Countries (Fachverband Chinesisch e.V.). Since 1985 co-founder, board member and vice-president of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching. 2000 Friendship Award of Language and Culture given by the Government of the People's Republic of China. 2003 research project Youtai – Presence and Perception of Jews and Judaism in China, with international symposium and exhibition.


"Die Wortarten im modernen Chinesischen" ("The Word Classes in Modern Chinese"), 1979

"Grundkurs modernes Chinesisch" ("Elementary Course in Modern Chinese"), 1981

"Nin hao! Ein praktischer Chinesischkurs für Anfänger" ("Nin hao! A Practical Chinese Language Course for Beginners"), 2 vols, 1987/1990/1993

"Der Begriff des Komplements in der chinesischen Grammatik und seine Präsentation in der Didaktik des Chinesischen als Fremdsprache" ("The Notion of Complement in Chinese Grammar and its Presentation in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language"), 1988

Since 1984 editor of "CHUN" (Journal of the Association of Chinese Language Teaching)

Since 1990 co-editor of "SinoLinguistica" (Monograph Series on Chinese Linguistics)

About 70 articles on Chinese linguistics, culture, society and politics in German, Chinese and English language

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